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As technology continues to advance, how will autonomous, electric, and smart cities evolve to take advantage of new technologies?

Sharing insights and experiences from over 20 years working across automotive, Kristin discusses how mobility will reshape the world and answers questions like:

  • What will the future of transportation looks like?
  • How will technology change the future of transportation?
  • How long must we wait until we have autonomous vehicles?

She also shares the craziest mobility trends that you won’t believe might happen


During this presentation, Kristin highlights how women can succeed in a male-dominated industry–without feeling left out. 

Kristin shares how joining a (previously) all male soccer team helped her career.

How one solar car race opened her eyes to the realities of automotive.

How she spent 9 years working 3 days a week.

And answers questions like:

  • How do you attract, incentivize, and retain women in a male-dominated industry?
  • How to create a culture that values the voices of women.
  • How can flexible work time empower mothers?


Don’t be the next Kodak: Corporate Innovation & Navigating Change

Most companies think they’re doing a good job at innovation but fail to take it into fruition. They routinely have a hard time being nimble enough to change course in this fast paced world of new technology.

Not to mention, people inherently fear change.

In this talk, Kristin helps audiences discover how they can create excitement for change instead of fear.

In addition, Kristin shares thoughtful insights on how to understand and change the dynamic of implementing innovation in your company.

She addresses:

  • How to adjust your priorities in a changing world.
  • How to challenge the status quo inside a massive organization.
  • How to bring innovation to the forefront of more teams throughout the organization.

Attracting and Retaining Women in the Workforce

Time and time again leadership misunderstands what women need for fulfillment and development. As a result, women leave. Kristin has seen this time and time again–there’s no women around to get up to the top.

In this talk, Kristin helps audiences uncover:

  • How to empower women in a male-dominated industry.
  • How to motivate and provide opportunities for women.
  • Tips for balancing corporate and motherhood.

Kristin shares her top lessons learned from her experiences working in a male-dominated industry.

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