Transforming the futurE of mobility

Future of Mobility Visionary, Growth Engineer, speaker Kristin Slanina inspires audiences to activate change.

A catalyst for innovation that accelerates growth.

The day before her 22nd birthday, Kristin Slanina drove a 20-foot U-Haul truck from downtown Boston in rush hour traffic to Albany, NY, transporting the solar car she and her fellow MIT engineering students built to compete in the American Tour de Sol, a 5-day solar car race. Little did she know, this day would shape the trajectory of her career.


Work With Kristin

Keynote Speaker

Highly experienced in the art of making the technical alluring, Kristin draws on her 20+ years of experience to challenge the status quo and inspire innovation.

Leadership Consulting

Kristin takes on a small number of private consulting clients per year. 


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Named by “Automotive News” as one of “60 Who are Steering Self Driving Vehicles.”


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Planting Seeds for Innovation

Innovation is a word used often in corporations, work groups and books. It was a key corporate initiative throughout my entire career and I took many classes on it – but it seems to be overused and often misunderstood. There are several major types of innovation: product innovation, process innovation …

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Simplicity is usually the answer

Last week we were trying to make a systems decision. I’ll spare you the nitty-gritty details of batteries and connected vehicle data, because what went down can happen in any department at any organization. Frustration. Time-delays. Conflict. And all the associated thoughts and emotions were influencing our ability to get …

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