• Kristin Slanina

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    Net-Zero Change Leader

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Kristin Slanina’s engineering insights demystify the global effort to meet zero emissions standards by 2035.  We can and must find a way.

Trusted Subject Matter Expert

Electric Vehicles, V2V, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, Batteries,
EV Charging Systems, Fleet Solutions, Charging Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle OEMs

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Chief Innovation Officer

As CIO, Kristin tackles EV mass adoption issues with solutions for fleet vehicles.  Park My Fleet provides fully staffed secured and gated mobility hubs. 


A net-zero world depends heavily on consumer demand.  But as Tesla has proven, the consumer is eager, if the technology is reliable.  From artificial intelligence to the electrification of city streets, support engineering is about the right partnerships.

Current board positions with
Velodyne Lidar and Comstock

Executive Producer, Managing Director

“Where are we now and what has to change?”  Slanina needed to test the ev ecosystem. 

The Charge Across America EV Rally educates what’s missing for EV mass adoption, by putting drivers behind the wheel 

Find the Full Charge Across America, NBC Sports program episode at ChargeAcrossAmerica.com


Inspiring high school solar car racers to study engineering. The STEM Solar Car Challenge teaches students to design, build, and drive solar cars.   

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