Meeting with students, faculty, and volunteers at the 2022 Solar Car Challenge

Kristin’s 30-year career in automotive engineering launched in 1991 when she helped her teammates at MIT win the Tour de Sol solar car race. At her 31st anniversary as a winning solar car captain, founder Dr. Lehman Marks asked Kristin to keynote the 2022 high school STEM Solar Car Challenge. The kids raced at the Texas Speedway track, where temperatures hovered between 107 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. But the excitement was palpable and the right antidote to the heat.

High School teams compete in the annual STEM: solar car challenge.
“We teach kids how to engineer a solar car, how to build it, and safely drive it.” — Founder, Dr. Lehman Marks (right)

The solar car challenge is a high school STEM program that teaches kids about the systems involved in building solar cars. High school teams around the country learn valuable team skills as they band together to solve electrical, design, and engineering problems.

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