Articles by: Kristin Slanina

self driving cars

Autonomous Vehicles Will Be Loved, Not Feared

Humans get distracted, are prone to fatigue, drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol and are subject to emotional responses behind the wheel. Self-driving cars will be efficient, responsive and tested for many thousands of hours, in addition to having their systems continuously updated and refined based on real-world experiences and traffic data.

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AI systems for autonomous vehicles

Outmaneuvering Disruption is the Only Way Forward

We all can be proactive in this new paradigm. Instead of waiting for the changes that will soon be upon us, people in jobs that will be affected can be offered special programs that teach these professional drivers new skills or provide certifications in new areas that fit the reshaping automotive industry. Ride sharing services could recruit former drivers that know the best routes of urban areas, guided by their years of experience, and bring these drivers on board to advise the shaping of map programs and AI systems for autonomous vehicles.

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We Need More Than Guidelines From Uncle Sam

The U.S. National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration recently issued a set of guidelines for autonomous vehicles, also known as self-driving cars. This is a productive first step by the U.S. government to regulate this emerging technology. But more is needed. The excitement around this innovative technology needs to be balanced with the safety considerations.

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